The Jack & Jill School is an independent pre-school for children ages 2.5 to 5.5 years old. Our program is play-based. We emphasize cooperation in work and play and encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions. We strive to create a community of mutual respect for the various traditions of our diverse Jack & Jill family.

The Jack & Jill School was established in 1949 as an institutional part of the Parish of St. George's Church to provide quality education for preschool age children. The mission of the school is to create an atmosphere compatible with the needs of young children who are developing socially, emotionally, and intellectually in varied and individual ways. The program is strictly non-sectarian and draws from the Parish and neighborhood families. The school continues to exist under the sponsorship of the Parish, which encompasses St. George's Church on Stuyvesant Square, and Calvary Church on Gramercy Park.

Our preschool program offers an early literacy curriculum, a creative arts program, Spanish instruction, and yoga and movement classes.

 The Jack and Jill School is a PLAY BASED PROGRAM.